Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's That? Wednesday

What's That?

Can you guess what this close-up shot is?


  1. Looks like patterning on a frog..but not my expertise! We do have live poison dart frogs on display at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, but no bullfrogs. Your mom was like mine..the exact go out and play, but hers, re: baby rabbits, box turtles, was always "You can keep it if you can make it eat.", and we rolled hamburger and oatmeal for our box turtles (who always escaped --perhaps w/ mum's help) after a few weeks. Blue at

  2. Hi Blue,

    Yes, it's the ear of a green frog. As children, we kept garter snakes, tadpoles, frogs, and raised an assortment of birds. Love the HMNH. Thanks for stopping by and entering your guess.