Monday, February 4, 2013

Fossils from Maryland (Miocene)

Next we drove to Brownies beach in Bayfront park on the Chesapeake Bay. There we found fossilized shark teeth, vertebra, and dental plates from the Miocene epoch.

A shark or other fish vertebra

Lemon shark teeth

Tiger shark teeth

Sand tiger shark teeth

Gray or Requiem shark tooth

Snaggletooth shark tooth

Ray dental plates

Staying on Chesapeake Bay, we headed to Matoaka cottages. We were hoping to get our hands on the elusive megalodon tooth, but it wasn't our lucky day. It was a disappointing hunt although there were a couple of new fossils we hadn't yet collected.

Astrhelia coral

Crab claw fragment
Marine mammal rib fragments

ray dental plate
Gray shark tooth
snaggletooth shark tooth
Turritella snail shell



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