Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Eastern Comma Butterfly

Today I had an encounter with another overwintering butterfly -- the Eastern Comma (Polygonia comma). After several cool days, this Eastern Comma is taking advantage of today's sunny 58 degree weather and warming itself on my back deck.  Like the Mourning Cloak, this butterfly will hide from the harsh winter elements under tree bark or in various cavities.  At the first hint of spring warmth, it will emerge to bask in the sunshine and lay its first brood.  These butterflies are quite feisty and are known to fly at other butterflies and insects that invade their territory.   Host plants for their caterpillars include nettles, American elm, and hops.

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  1. Hey, nice blog! Spent some time poking around and noticed you like fossil hunting. I'm from the other side of the continent but we have some good marine deposits over here. Elasmosaurs, mosasaurs, and the like. It sounds like your are a real nature nut. I had the opportunity to explore around the great lakes a few years ago and really enjoyed the richness and lushness of the forests. Love the salamander photos of your earlier post. I think the only species we have in common (geographically) are the red backs.
    Don't grow out of it,