Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vernal Pool Time

It was a long wait, but finally there has been activity at nearby vernal pools. Wood frogs  (Lithobates sylvaticus) were busy "quacking" and mating. Freeze-tolerant wood frogs have been overwintering beneath the leaf litter.  Watch this amazing video of  Wood frogs reviving in spring.

Wood frogs in amplexus

Wood frog

We saw only male spotted salamanders.  Females hadn't arrived yet.

Male spotted salamander swimming away.  Males have a noticeably swollen vent (cloaca).

Spotted salamander under water

Spotted salamander in leaf litter

Spotted salamander headed to the vernal pool

Spring peepers were chorusing loudly in a pond across the street from the vernal pool.  Four years ago, there were spring peepers at the vernal pool, but we no longer find them there.
Can you spot the spring peeper in the reeds? See a close-up shot below.

Male spring peeper calling

Click below to hear my recording of the spring peepers. Happy Spring!

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