Thursday, March 26, 2009

More lizards

One of the things my children and I enjoy doing during a trip is recording the fauna we see. Our tally for the Aruba trip: 19 species of birds, 5 reptiles, 4 mammals, 12 sea creatures other than fish, and a grand total of 71 species of fish.

Besides the Aruban whiptails, we saw geckos around the house and plenty of little anoles that the kids enjoyed trying to catch. It took three of us to ambush these two little lizards on a rocky shore.

Green iguanas are also plentiful on the island, but we only caught a brief glimpse of a small one on the side of the road.

Aruba is also home to two endemic snakes: the Cascabel or Aruban rattlesnake and the cateyed snake, known locally as the Santanero. We saw neither of these snakes, but did find something disturbing: boa constrictors in Arikok National Park. Both boas had been killed by cars on the dusty rocky roads. A warning for the squeamish: the next photo is gory.

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