Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Move or else...

Check out these two wrestlers. Talk about a headlock! We had just pulled in to a parking space at Baby Beach on Aruba's easternmost tip. My 10-year-old looks out the window and yells, "Lizard fight!" As soon as the engine was off, he and his sister were out of the car and ringside at this territorial showdown. The guy on the left had apparently encroached on the other fellow's property. Retaliation took the form of an actual headlock whereby the male on the right had most of the other lizard's head in his mouth.

These beautiful turquoise blue sparring partners are two Kododo blauw or Aruban Whiptails, the most abundant lizards found on the island. Everywhere we went there were whiptails dashing in and out among the rocks. One bold lizard kept poking around on our beach blanket whenever we went in for a swim. Here's another photo taken near the California Lighthouse on the western part of the island.

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