Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More swans and other birds

The mute swans and one cygnet were feasting on plants in a small beaver pool and I was able to get closer shots.  The initial clutch of eggs contained about 7 cygnets, but only this one remains.  Maybe it hatched later?  Last winter the adults left and one juvenile overwintered on the pond.  Adults will sometimes migrate to salt water during the winter.  Perhaps this youngster will overwinter here. 

The male swan hissed loudly at me and my Sheltie the first time we encountered them on a walk a couple of weeks ago.  This time, these two seemed relaxed and weren't at all bothered by our presence. 

A quiet mallard couple was busy dabbling in the shallows.

A flock of Canadian geese squabbled loudly, fighting the swans for pond real estate. 

Here they find a moment to preen.  The vegetation is changing color, providing a glowing red and gold backdrop.

A little killdeer steered clear of the ruckus on its own mud flat in the middle of the pond.

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