Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's that Wednesday is back

After not posting "What's that Wednesday" photos in a long time, I'm back with a real stumper.  I have no idea what this mass is and would love to hear from readers.  It's very solid to the touch.  There were two masses, one a bit larger than the other, stuck to the bottom of a nearby pond next to a log near shore.  Although they're gelatinous, they are very heavy and not loose like salamander egg masses.  It's quite firm and solid. 
Here they are in the water:

This is the larger mass close up:


  1. Looks like a bryozoan colony. It's a grouping of small organisms, sort of like a calcium free coral.

  2. A gold star for Steve! Thanks for the quick answer. What a fascinating phenomena. Got to look that one up.