Friday, August 26, 2011

White squirrels

There are mostly typical Eastern gray squirrels (Sciuridae carolinensis) around town, but I have heard  about one particular neighborhood where white squirrels are more abundant.  While looking for water snakes at West Parish, I spotted this white squirrel darting about.  I had seen one on another occasion maybe two years ago about a mile from this location.  This squirrel was exceptionally skittish, so I never got close enough to tell if it had the pink or bluish eyes of a true albino or if its eyes were dark, an indication that it is a color variant of the gray squirrel.

In any case, white squirrels are always a treat to see. Somehow a white squirrel seems almost magical.  While looking up information about white squirrels, I was amused to see how many locations around the country like Brevard, NC "Home of the White Squirrel" and Olney, IL have populations of white squirrels that come complete with legends and theories. 

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